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I recently had the opportunity to traipse all over southern Luzon (the Northern big island of the Philippines) and meet with several Kiva borrowers.  It was really fun to spend time with loan officers from different branches outside of Manila but due to long travel if I borrower is not home we simply have to wait UNTIL they come home.  The free time was great because it left open space for impromptu language lessons from my new friends.

I may not be fluent from this lesson yet but I have managed to master a few Tagalog words and integrate them into my office convo’s. Here is a list of my favorite words:

1. Diba?!- means “right?”, like “don’t you agree with me?”. The California girl part of me enjoys this one.

2. Bakit- “Why?”

3. Grave (said grah vay)- like “too much”

4. NAKS- slang for “Wow”…

Hopefully this list will be a little longer before I leave.