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So this will be (in one day) my first Christmas away from home. I feel like I should feel more guilty about this but I have realized the having my first Tropical Christmas has pulled me into an alternative universe where it does not really “feel” like Christmas (it is HOT in December) and therefore I have a hard time believing it is. With this said, the Filipino Paroles (like Giant snow flakes that are lit up) and constant Christmas music playing in the streets, have indicated that the holiday season is truly upon us.

I have putting in my own effort in order to ready my spirit for the holiday that is upon us. This regimen has included incessant playing of Sufjan Steven’s Christmas album (confession, I actually listen to this year round), She and Him Christmas and a little Mariah Carey Christmas.  In addition to this I have spent my month meditating to Christmas themed excerpts from one of my favorite authors, Frederick Buechner.

As a pre- Tropical Christmas post, here is my new favorite Sufjan Holiday song and favorite Buechner quote of late.

Caveat, I greatly enjoy songs that describe moments/interactions. This Sufjan song is a lovely representation of this.

And now for Buechner, celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace:

“Thou son of the Most High, Prince of Peace, to be born again into our world. Wherever there is war in this world, wherever there is pain, wherever there is loneliness, wherever there is no hope, come, thou long-expected one, with healing in they wings.
Holy, child, whom the shepherds and the kings and the dumb beasts adored, be born again. Wherever there is boredom, wherever there is fear of failure, wherever there is bitterness of heart, come thou blessed one, with healing in thy wings.
Savior, be born in each of us who raises his face to thy face, not knowing fully who he is or who thou art, knowing only that they love is beyond his knowing and that no other has the power to make him whole. Come, Lord Jesus, to each who longs for thee even though he has forgotten they name. Come quickly. Amen”.